If you are a senior and plan to complete all of your degree requirements at the end of this semester, you need to apply for graduation.  If you have not already done so, please complete the diploma application here:

Graduation Application Deadlines


Undergraduate Colleges
If completing requirements at the end of:
Filing Dates:
For graduation in:
School of Arts & Sciences (01)
Summer Session June 1 - Sept 15 October
Fall Term Oct 1 - Jan 15 January
Winter Session Oct 1 - Jan 15 January
Spring Term Feb 1 - May 15 May
University College Camden (64) Summer Session June 1 - Aug 15 October
Fall Term Sept 1 - Oct 31 January
Winter Session Sept 1 - Oct 31 January
Spring Term Jan 1 - March 31 May
University College Newark (62) Summer Session June 1 - July 30 October
Fall Term Aug 1 - Oct 15 January
Winter Session Aug 1 - Oct 15 January
Spring Term Oct 15 - Feb 15 May


Please note: This is a hard deadline so please make sure you submit your application on time.  If you miss the deadline, you will need to wait and apply for the next graduation cycle.

If you are unsure which school is affiliated with your major please visit the school and program listing page.